East Stroudsburg University


The Project

"Situated in one of the fastest growing regions of Pennsylvania, East Stroudsburg University sought a Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan to address increasing enrollment and associated needs for more space of all kinds.

Focusing on strategic, yet practical, solutions, the University was presented with a wide array of recommendations to expand and improve the campus. Foremost was emphasis on improving the “student experience”, placing strong emphasis on the creation of collaborative learning environments and curriculum-driven spaces.

Key to the Plan was redefinition of the campus center through creation of a new campus center and learning commons that fosters social and academic connections. This Plan lays the foundation for transformation of the student experience while also supporting an educational paradigm shift to increased collaborative learning and hands-on experiences.

*Planned and Designed by Douglas Steele while at H2L2 "

The Details

Project: East Stroudsburg University
Location: East Stroudsburg, PA
Size: 300 acres